Who We Are

HAGENS Creative Technologies Ltd (HCT), registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission,  is an organizational transformation consulting group providing effective participatory skills to various groups/organizations, with the aim of enhancing the transformation of any organisation (family, community, company, public, private and voluntary sectors), to be what they desire to be, or can possibly be.

HAGENS Creative Technologies ltd (HCT) is on the leading edge of change (paradigm shifts) and consistently delivers quality programmes to its clients through our unique and very impactful methodology (Technology of Participation) used in facilitating our Organisation Transformation (OT) programmes.

Our Purpose

Provide legendary organizational transformation services for organizational and national development and transformation through the shifting of people's paradigms (i.e. perceptions, thinking, feelings, attitudes, behaviours and expectations).

Our Vision

We are world -class change agents facilitating the transformation of individuals, and organizations through the use of participatory paradigm-shifting technologies. We conduct our activities through high quality consultants and staff who work together harmoniously and who operate in a serene and unique learning environment with state-of- the-art facilities.

Our Mission

In fulfilling our Purpose, we carry out the following responsibilities for our stakeholders.
  • Individuals

    Help them change their paradigms through people transformational programmes.

  • Corporate Organisations

    Provide quality organizational transformation programmes for revolutionary growth and development.

  • Communities

    Re-orient community members, and facilitate development through various capacity-building programmes.

  • Government

    Facilitate transformation of the country through the provision of top quality Organisational Transformational programmes to governments and their departments and agencies. We also fulfill our legal responsibilities.

  • Other Consultants/NGOs

    Work cooperatively and assist in enhancing their capacities.

  • Suppliers

    Ensure payment of their bills and help to re-orient them in transformational dynamics.

  • Staff

    Create a conducive and enabling environment for excellent performance.

  • Directors

    Ensure timely dissemination of information and payment of adequate remuneration.