This programme emphasis is on creating a paradigm shift from the traditional approach of youth development based on efficient allocation of resources for economic and financial applications to that of building youth commitment and responsibility for a covenantal partnership based on creating a vision, purpose, values and hope for the future in which the youths are active participants. The key to a lasting and effective partnership with various stakeholders lies in getting all concerned to work together with a sense of mutual responsibility, especially the Youths. Thus, the programme is aimed at assisting participants refocus themselves, change their images and be able to discover areas of personal and group behaviours requiring change. This programme is designed to bring about positive change in youths' perception of their relationship with and interaction process with their various stakeholders.


  • At the end of the programme, it is expected that participants should be able to:
  • State their role as youths in the development
  • Appreciate the role and support limit of other stakeholders
  • Carry out Win-Win relationship with other stakeholders;
  • Create meaningful group visions, purposes and values;
  • Engage in fruitful communications;
  • Identify the benefits of a simplified and meaningful lifestyle;
  • Redefine a new self-image, based on the technology of image shifting through tapping visual, mental and cognitive images to create internally-driven changes for behavior modifications.


  • Opening and Programme Agenda
  • The Role of Youths in the Community
  • Role of the Corporation and Government Agencies
  • Understanding and Managing Conflict
  • Holding Effective Communications
  • Redefining The Future: Purpose and Values
  • Life Style Simplification
  • Programme Round-up and Agenda for the Future


  • Partnership and participation are the cornerstones of this approach.
    The approach:
  • enhances the self-esteem of the youth;
  • enables them to acquire new skills;
  • gives them an opportunity to appreciate, and work for, social justice;
  • enables them to learn about their community, local government and other stakeholders;
  • Enables them to appreciate the effects of their actions on their stakeholders and on themselves and their future;
  • Assists them to know how to obtain access to valuable resources.

For Facilitators Only

In addition to the above (which they will learn in greater details), the Facilitators will be taught facilitation methodology:

  • Basic Workshop Method;
  • The Discussion Method;
  • Events Planning and Orchestration;
  • Focused Conversation Method;


  • Youth
  • Facilitators
One Day
N40,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)