Image is an ingrained mental model that gives one an identity. Accordingly, it conditions our perceptions, frame of reference and the way we see the world not as it is, but as we see it. Image change, therefore, is a very potent tool of transformation because to be able to bring about transformation in people from their present level of perception or the way they do things, requires first, a change in the way they think. This course shows the keys for facilitating groups that have dysfunctional behavior patterns and for shifting those patterns.


  • How one's image shapes behavior
  • The process of changing one's image have more impactful attitude and behavior
  • How to broaden one's perspectives on issues and get others to do same.
  • The skills for helping a group work creatively
  • How messages received make or mar one's image, and lots more


  • Introduction to Image Theory
  • Kenneth Boulding's Theory
  • Image, Message and Behaviour
  • Images and Experience
  • Self Awareness Exercise
  • Key Events and Image Shifts
  • The Dynamics of Image Change
  • ToP Methods vs Traditional Methods
  • Facilitating The Imaginal Environment
  • Tools for Designing an Image-Changing Facilitation Event
  • Designing an Event to Change Images


  • Opens the boundless potential of an individual and the members of a group so they can act creatively in situations.
  • Enables one to see through complexity to underlying causes that generate change.
  • Change peoples images from impossibility to possibility.
  • Enables people to become more aware of their images and to make their own decisions.
  • Enables one to learn anything provided within the framework of his/her life experience.
  • Expand the context beyond the self as the primary frame of reference.
  • Stimulates the imagination by encouraging the learner to view a situation from a variety of opinions and perspectives and to "see" reality not yet created.
  • Beckons participation by creating opportunities for active involvement.
Three Days
N80,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)