This is a method for facilitating group conversations and discussions which allow a group to deepen its insights and creativity and to share the different perspectives that make up the group. It is an effective, step-by-step process to help clarify discussions and achieve consensus within the group. It presents the foundations of the ToP methodology in a practical and participatory way, demonstrating, discussing and practicing each method; and provides useful tools for facilitating group thinking, planning and decision making. Group facilitation techniques stretch beyond mere lip service to participation, requiring real, honest, and creative shift in thinking and perception


  • Facilitate group effectively in your organisation and community.
  • Expose you to situations in which you plan to apply participatory methods.
  • Help you develop the inner discipline and style of an effective facilitator.
  • Build an effective team partnership
  • Help group identify and focus on the true significance of an issue/topic
  • Provide a structure for clear dialogue and reflection
  • Stimulate and provide focus in conversations
  • Encourage a diversity of perspectives


  • Introduction to ToP
  • Overview of the Method
  • Focused Conversation Procedures/ Steps & Samples
  • Uses of Focused Conversation
  • Leading a Focused Conversation
  • Articulating intended Outcomes
  • Understanding individual behaviour using the Method
  • Preparation Hints and Practice sessions


  • Enhanced organizational performance
  • Groups put events into perspective and then respond to them creatively
  • Conclusions that can be acted upon are reached without friction
  • Common bond and understanding of events and then present a common front in relation to event-related issues.
  • Meaningful dialogue, results in greater clarity of thought, broadens perspectives and allows everyone to participate.
  • Easy and quick implementation of decisions
One Day
N40,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)