Today, the managerial leadership role has evolved from being an order-giver to being a team player. This is because no individual, no matter how brilliant the person is, has all the answers to the complex problems that confront organizations today. People working in teams have better answers as they brainstorm, discuss and synthesize individual ideas leading to both workable and do-able solutions. For a Manager to fit into this new work structure, he needs to be a better team player. Facilitation, the process of making things easier for work teams, is a world-wide competence for managers, heads of taskforces, committees or managing departments/units in their organization. This programme has been carefully designed to transform leaders and managers as skilled facilitators and equip them with the core skills they need to achieve results in the fast changing work environment.


  • Demonstrate the use of proven facilitation methods and skills.
  • Acquire a stronger sense of authentic role as leaders and facilitators
  • Have a deeper understanding of the passion and principles involved in transforming people and organizations
  • Develop a greater sense of confidence and freedom to take responsibility for leading and facilitating change
  • Solve problems in a way that takes into account many people's interests, not just the leader's
  • Replace quick-fix solutions with solutions that genuinely solve problems for the longer term


  • Introduction to, and fundamental values of, Technology of Participation (ToP)
  • The important new Role for Managers as Facilitators.
  • Leadership Styles, Facilitator Style and Role
  • The Mind of the Facilitator.
  • The Science and Practice of Facilitation.
  • The Essential Elements of Facilitation.
  • The Process of Effective Facilitation.
  • The Power of Participation.
  • Facilitation methods, Facilitation Skills and Tools
  • Core Skills of Facilitative Leadership
  • Motivating highly intelligent and knowledgeable professionals.
  • Benefiting from Individual Differences


  • Transforming individuals, groups and organizations
  • Focus a diverse group's effort on a common goal.
  • Generation of new ideas and solutions.
  • Maximization of productivity through use of group creativity.
  • Creation of a sense of teamwork.
  • People take responsibility and ownership for their actions, individuals and teams learn from their experiences.
  • Accelerates learning and performance by building new, more productive, habits
  • Strengthens the accountability of subordinates
Three Intensive Days
N80,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)