In the 70's there was a great deal of emphasis on intelligence based on book knowledge, reasoning and logic leading to the formulation of tests called IQ tests to measure and assess this type of intelligence. Unfortunately a lot of questions arose as to why so many high IQ persons did not perform anywhere near averagely intelligent persons. IQ persons use direct logic and goals-oriented approaches to solving their problems and generally lack the intuitive, emotionally controlled, people- oriented skills that EI people have. Emotional Intelligence explained why school drop-outs could become so successful in the complex world of business and risk-oriented endeavors. Not surprisingly, the behaviorists assert that EI is 24 times as powerful as IQ and is the basic requirement for survival in the real world. The course teaches a wide range of skills using the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods.


  • Participants will learn how:
  • Monitor feelings and emotions to guide thinking and actions.
  • Measure their Emotional Intelligence
  • Get value from people
  • Hire and train for Emotional Intelligence
  • Impact emotional intelligence skills to others
  • Make their organizations more emotionally intelligent.
  • Acquire and use intelligence skills not taught in school.


  • Introduction, Difference between IQ and EI
  • Origin and Concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Corporate Culture and Performance
  • The Competence Framework
  • Mastering Competencies
  • Productivity and Competencies
  • How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Comptencies
  • Leadership Skills Needed at all Levels of the Organisational Ladder


  • Participants find themselves experiencing:
  • Better balance of emotional (EQ) and cognitive intelligence (IQ).
  • Improved use of intuition or the 'sixth sense'
  • Better understanding of emotional reactions and control.
  • More balanced personality
  • Better physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Improved human relations.
  • A much better understanding of human nature, resulting in improved interpersonal relations
Three Intensive Days
N80,000/participant (Exclusive of VAT)