This is a method for facilitating a group's thinking about a particular topic or issue into focused decision and action. It is used to tap and synthesize the wisdom of people i.e. presenting wide breadth of perspectives, and in the end, give rise to innovative and practicable decisions born out of popular participation, and consensus is reached quickly. The workshop is used for actively involving all members of a group in:

  • Planning: weaving everyone's input into a practical plan
  • Problem solving: developing solutions
  • Individual or group research: channeling input into a research topic
  • Decision making
in order to gather ideas, discern the larger patterns through dialogue, summarize the groupz's insights and come to consensus on resolution


  • Heal power imbalances i.e. create a more harmonious positive focus directed at the future.
  • Increase effective use of resources i.e. productive or result-oriented meetings, speed up results and finish on time
  • Provide a structured process for progress
  • Distill high quality outcomes: gives rise to decisions and plans that are both innovative and do-able
  • Improves staff morale


  • Overview of the Workshop Method
  • Demonstrating the Workshop Method
  • Grouping Techniques
  • Creating focus questions
  • Designing Workshop Formats
  • Practice Sessions


  • Sustain trust and commitment to the process and results
  • Unleash creativity to maximize productivity, essential realism and committed implementation
  • Help a group of people make a decision, solve a problem or create a plan
  • Enables you to facilitate large groups effectively
  • Enhance organizational performance
  • Engage the participation of each group member
  • Build an effective team partnership
  • Integrate diverse ideas and focuses the group's consensus
  • Develops solutions
One Day
N40,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)