Tools & Methods For Creating Strong, Effective Teams
(Group Facilitation Methods training is recommended but not a pre-requisite)

In every organization, people talk about 'teamwork'. Many organizations are actually experimenting with 'self-directed teams'. Success or failure with teamwork depends to a large extent on the level of commitment to participation and the methods and tools to make it happen. This Course is for team leaders who are committed to participation in deciding tasks and implementing them. It offers tools and methods to help a team though difficult times.


  • At the end of this course, participants should be able to ;
  • Understand the value of participation.
  • Appreciate the value of teamwork.
  • Effect good team cohesion.
  • Achieve consensus within their teams easily.
  • Draw diagrams of the organisational support profile.
  • Lead their teams more effectively.
  • Motivate workers for better harmony and effectiveness.
  • Understand basic principles of the problem solving process necessary for successful team formation and maintenance.


  • What is a professional manager?
  • Importance of Participation.
  • How to achieve Group Effectiveness.
  • The Power of Consensus.
  • Establishing a Team.
  • The Problem- Solving Process.
  • Facilitating Team Interaction.
  • Understanding and Managing People at Work.


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There are 3 stand- alone Modules under Leadership

  • Module 1 – Personal Leadership
  • Module 2 – Team leadership.
  • Module 3 – Cultural Leadership.
Three Intensive Days
N80,000/participant (Exclusive of VAT)