The shared values are central…if organizations don't have a central system based on correct principles, they build on a foundation of sand in their strategy, structure and systems…we've got to build a fundamental security source of shared of shared values in order to have the freedom and strength we need to change whatever we're doing that must be changed…And once they (these values) get into their minds and hearts, people won't go back to their old ways Stephen R. Covey
'Principle Centred Leadership'

Most organisations either did not start their operations with enduring Purpose, Mission and Philosophy statements or have drifted away from their originally stated ones. Still, some other organisations are today being called upon by circumstances of the environment or government fiat to change or reshape their Purpose, Mission and Philosophies. Whichever the reasons, corporations from time to time must measure and examine the relevance, validity and suitability of their operating Purpose, Mission and Philosophies in view of the prevailing situation and realities.

This workshop is designed for organizations to rehearse their Mission Statements


  • Articulate the impact of the environment on the operation of the organisation.
  • Identify the strengths of the organisation and use this knowledge to create an effective future for the organisation.
  • State the corporate Purpose, Mission and Philosophy of the organisation.
  • Identify themselves with the Purpose, Mission and Philosophy of the organisation, that is, create ownership.
  • Identify leadership characteristics and align them to the organisation's future and fortune .
  • Create the necessary action plan to transmit the Purpose, Mission and Philosophy to all organisation members, that is, alignment.
  • Respond positively to the needs and yearnings of organization members.


  • Environmental or Trends Analysis.
  • Rehearsing the unique organisation journey.
  • Stating the organisation's purpose and Mission.
  • Identifying and stating the organisation's Philosophy or Operating Values and Principles.
  • Defining the stakeholders' relationship.
  • Refining and writing the Purpose, Mission, Philosophy and Principles statements.
  • Songs, Stories and Symbols.
  • Action Planning – Designing the implementation plan for diffusion of the Purpose, Mission, Philosophy and Principles


Three Intensive Days
N80,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)