(A highly participatory planning process that leads to action and commitment)

We can collectively envision and create the society we want

Alignment is a powerful instrument for focusing the energies of organisation members towards specific outcomes and corporate goals in general. But we cannot expect people to contribute creatively to a group vision process and invest their best energies unless the organisation pays attention to their desires and the way they relate to the other members. Attunement forces, make this possible. The Shared Vision workshop is designed to align and attune the organisation – that is, to enable the organisation harness the energies of its constituents (individuals, groups and departments) for the purpose of creating and maintaining a cohesive, integrative and, therefore, productive and satisfying works systems.


  • Enhance capacity for creative strategic building
  • Enable group to come to a common vision and create a "participant-owned" group
  • Enable group to come to a common vision and create a "participant-owned" group vision
  • Identify and deal with realities blocking your vision
  • Establish focus on new directions and organize specific action plans
  • Achieve maximum buy-in and commitment
  • Enable people experience and practice the strategic planning process of vision, contradictions, strategic directions and implementation
  • Increase people participation in your organisation and achieve consensus among participants with diverse perspectives


  • Overview of the Shared Vision Workshop
  • Preparing for Participatory Strategic Planning Process
  • Creating practical shared vision
  • Identifying underlying contradictions to the shared vision
  • Forging the strategic directions/Establishing focus on new directions
  • Organizing specific action plans
  • Building the action implementation plan
  • Practice Sessions


  • Maximum buy-in and commitment and Organisation alignment
  • Expanded responsibility for better results
  • A "can-do" attitude imbued in your people – a new energy is released into the organisation
  • Improved Communication
  • A 3-5year Strategic plan in place with implementation steps
  • Proposals for application and practice of these methods in their everyday work environments
  • A sense of purpose and direction
  • Heightened organizational productivity, effectiveness and competitiveness.
  • Immediate implementation
  • Accomplishments exceed expectations
Three Intensive Days
N80,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)