This is a method that is used to plan for the successful launch of a project at its most critical stage. It is best for planning projects with time line not exceeding six (6) months – one year. It can also be used to plan parts of a big project or completion of abandoned projects. It is useful for clarifying directions, aligning resources, designating leadership roles and responsibilities and building team trust and support. The APM uses the Focused Conversation and Workshop methods in a way that moves the group from a good idea to a concrete plan of action with assignments and timelines.


  • Learn how to follow a structured process in creating a concrete plan of action with assignments and timelines
  • Get commitment from group members
  • Engage the participation of each group member
  • Integrate diverse ideas and focus the group's consensus
  • Capture the wisdom of the group
  • Focus the group to clarify its direction in order to align its resources with its task.


  • Introduction to the Action Planning Process
  • Action Planning Process Structure – Nine Critical Parts
  • Demonstrating the Action Planning Process
  • Walkthrough
  • Facilitating Action Planning Process
  • Tracking Implementation and follow-up Meeting Format
  • Practice Session


  • Successful implementation of a project
  • Array
  • Builds an effective team partnership
  • Encourage a diversity of perspectives and get decisions quickly
One Day
N40,000.00/Participant (Exclusive of VAT)