Our Team


We have a crop of Facilitators that are highly trained and very experienced in training and organisation transformation methodologies, some of whom were trained by UN-ILO Turin Centre, Italy as Training and Organizational Transformation Consultants, and by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, among others.

HAGENS is a new organisation with Directors from different organizations who have applied the ToP methodology in different establishments both in public and private organizations and community-based groups. They have experienced transformations both in their personal lives and organizations e.g. The late Post-master General of NIPOST, Alhaji Argungu, confessed to us in 2002 that this programme that we executed for them in 1992/93 enabled them to build their huge headquarters in Abuja without government subvention or loan from anywhere!

  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Position: Managing Director
  • .A. Hons, Econs. (Univ. of East Africa, Nairobi), Diploma in Training Systems Design (ILO, Turin, Italy), , ToP and FacilitationTraining (Lagos/Accra), Centre for Management Development (CMD) Accreditation, Old Boy, Government Colleges, Ughelli & Ibadan


  • B.A. Hons Economics (University of East Africa, Nairobi College, 1967)
  • Diploma (Training Systems Development, ILO-Turin, 1983)
  • Certificate in Management and Installation of Quality Circles (QCC INC. – 1983)
  • Training in ToP Facilitation Methods (1990/2002 – ICA Nigeria/Ghana)


  • Member, Nigerian Institute Management Consultants
  • Fellow, Institute of Chartered Training Mangers
  • Fellow, ILO Training Centre, Turin, Italy
  • President, Nigerian Integrated Rural Accelerate Development
  • Organization (NIRADO – ICAI,-Nigeria)
  • CMD Accreditation
  • Govt. College Ughelli, Ibadan – 1954-59/60-61

Summay (40 Years Experience)

Convinced by extensive consulting and international NGO experience, that the key to solving our organisation's current, multifaceted and global problems ultimately resides in a holistic approach through changing the paradigms of organisation members and their stakeholders, I decided to start a brand new outfit directed exclusively to Organisational Transformation (OT) towards the end of 2008, E.S. George got together a cohesive team of young and experienced, very proactive and versatile consultants. We ultimately got this new facility registered with CAC on 12th January 2011.

He is also the Managing Consultant of Prime Management Systems (PMS). Before starting PMS in the mid 80s, he was the Assistant General Manager (Training and Manpower Development Sector) of Delta Steel Company (DSC) Aladja for several years.

  • While in DSC, he set up the entire Training and Manpower Development function of DSC (local and overseas) from its inception and developed a Training Centre that produced the core of the technical and administrative manpower required for the Steel Plant take-off and operation.
  • During the Training System Design and Development training with the ILO in Turin, (1982 – 1983), Mr. George was a member of the ILO, Turin Faculty as a Faculty Intern.
  • He introduced and managed several Organisation Development intervention programmes like the Quality Circles, Team Building, MBO etc. DSC.

Prior to his DSC experience, he lectured in Zambian Institute of Technology (Luanshya and Kitwe) and the Federal Government College-Odogbolu, in Nigeria.

As Prime Management Systems Managing Consultant, his functions included, among others, the design and development of various organization development/transformation schemes and the co-ordination of group consultancy activities.

He has attended several management development programmes and presented many papers on various management and Organisation Development topics in national conferences

George E. S. is widely traveled both locally and abroad, especially to parts of West, East and North Africa, Europe, North America, India and Japan.