About Us

We have a crop of Facilitators that are highly trained and very experienced in training and organisation transformation methodologies, some of whom were trained by UN-ILO Turin Centre, Italy as Training and Organizational Transformation Consultants, and by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, among others. HAGENS is a new organisation with Directors from different organizations who have applied the ToP methodology in different establishments both in public and private organizations and community-based groups. They have experienced transformations both in their personal lives and organizations e.g. The late Post-master General of NIPOST, Alhaji Argungu, confessed to us in 2002 that this programme that we executed for them in 1992/93 enabled them to build their huge headquarters in Abuja without government subvention or loan from anywhere!

Why Choose Us?

We asked our clients why they choose us year after year. Their feedback tells us that there are five key reasons:
  • * being specialists and genuine thought leaders
  • * deliver real business benefits – faster teams and projects, reduced costs and improved job satisfaction;
  • * credibility – our clients, people and ideas are world class;
  • * can deliver globally - and consistently - using our own full-time people, not a loose network of associates;
  • * easy to work with – we aim to be "low maintenance" and establish long term mutual relationships with clients.

Our Facilitation Team