Our Purpose

Provide legendary organizational transformation services for organizational and national development and transformation through the shifting of people's paradigms (i.e. perceptions, thinking, feelings, attitudes, behaviours and expectations).

Our Vision

We are world-class change agents facilitating the transformation of individuals, and organizations through the use of participatory paradigm-shifting technologies. We conduct our activities through high quality consultants and staff who work together....

Our Team


.A. Hons, Econs. (Univ. of East Africa, Nairobi), Diploma...


M.Sc. Management, (Unilag), B.Sc.(Hons) Econs, (UI), ToP ...

J.O. Eseka

MBA (Marketing), BSc. (Hons), Safety/Community Relations C...

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Our Organisational Profile

HAGENS CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES LTD. is an Associate member of the Institute of Cultural Affairs, International (ICAI) and are specialists in the use of human transformation technologies. Two members off our organization are not only trained ICA facilitators, but one was the Vice President of ICAI for Africa and Europe as well the Executive Director of ICA Nigeria, while the other was the President of ICA Nigeria. Using the powerful Technology of Participation, (ToP), Hagens Creative Technologies Ltd., working in harmony with our sister organization, Prime Management Systems Ltd., has conducted amazing human transformation in Organizations like NIPOST, NITEL (before the unfortunate Pentascope takeover), NGC, NNPC Headquarters, Shell Petroleum Development Company Ltd., WRPC and many others. Further incredible feats of human and environmental transformation were also performed in communities like Omadino, Okenrenkoko, Kokodiagbene, Deghele, Egwa, Ogidigben, Madangho, Ugborodo and many others. This wonderful technology, invented in America in the 60s by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, International (ICAI) was used in the ghettos and slums and for community development and later adapted for use in corporate organisations and government departments.